Inspiring Internal Medicine Resident Teaching Award

On June 1, 2019 the Inspiring Internal Medicine Resident Teaching Award was given to Dr. Devin Haddad and Dr. Mena Botros. Both will receive a grant from the John M. Stang endowment created by our donors. Dr. Alan Sanderson, his wife Marisa, Mrs. Jan Stang, and Dr. Raminder Gill attended the ceremony (pictured below). A video clip of the presentation is available HERE. We provided the winners with a copy of two books Everything in Its Place: First Loves and Last Tales AND Physician Wellness: The Rock Star Doctor’s Guide: Change Your Thinking, Improve Your Life. Thank you again for all of your contributions which made this award become a reality and has solidified a place for Dr. Stang’s legacy.

Meredith Broderick
Selection Process

The first Dr. John M Stang Senior Internal Medicine Teaching Award will be awarded June 1, 2019.

The founders of the award suggested the recipient be selected by the internal medicine residency program director. The program director can utilize a process that he/she considers the most fair and effective in identifying the most worthy recipient(s).

Eligible candidates are residents in the final year of residency training in the internal medicine categorical training programs (traditional track, primary care track, physician scientist training program), the combined internal medicine/pediatrics program and the emergency medicine/internal medicine combined program.

Nominations are solicited through an email announcement to current residents in the above programs, internal medicine fellows, and internal medicine faculty members. Nominators are limited to one nomination per award, and asked to provide a short explanation of their support.

The program director will consider input from nominators and supportive evaluation information in designating a pool of finalists for the award. Finalists will be encouraged to submit their CV or other lists of teaching contributions, experience and achievements.

Internal medicine associate program directors will join the program director in selecting the award recipient(s). This selection committee will be asked to review relevant reports of 1) medical student teaching/evaluation 2) resident peer evaluation 3) documented teaching and educator activities/experiences 4) nominator comments.

Selection will be guided by criteria proposed by the award founders: “…a like‐minded physician, one who strongly values humanism in medicine, teaching, diversity, community service, and medical humanities”.

All committee members will have one vote per award (2 votes if issuing 2 awards), with the vote of the program director breaking any ties.

Meredith Broderick
Happy Holidays!

I have the finalized paperwork from the board of trustees showing the Stang Legacy endowment is official. We have not had much activity in the way of contributions in October or November. I must admit I have been busy with my MOC exam and learning how to care for my newborn daughter. How did you people do this during medical school and residency?

If any of you are looking to make contributions before the end of the year, now is your chance! Please note that you can set up a small monthly contribution (ie. $10/month) if that works better for you.

Here is the direct link:

If you already made a contribution, please spread the word to your classmates and social media contacts.

We will continue to accept contributions because our award will increase based on the principal balance (4.5%). After a certain threshold we may be able to create two awards (pending follow up discussion with the department of internal medicine).

These funds are collected and maintained by The Ohio State University even though this website is privately organized.

I’ll be reaching out to the Department of Internal Medicine in the new year to finalize the details and anticipate they will award the grant at this year’s graduation.

Please use the contact form for any questions, to submit a blog post, share a memory, or to request a Stang Legacy sticker.


Meredith Broderick


Meredith Broderick
Endowment Status Approved

Happy Fall everyone!

I received notice from the Wexner Center Development office acknowledging that the Board of Trustees approved the Stang Memorial Fund as an endowment. The fund was able to go for consideration because we reached the minimum funding amount of $50,000. As of the beginning of September we have raised $54,055!

This is great news because it means that our fund is self sustaining. The fund generates the annual award for the internal medicine department resident award through its own interest which is approximately 4.5%. That means we should be able to award around $2430 to a deserving internal medicine resident.

I am not attending the reunion events taking place this fall, but several alumni have offered to hand out materials about the fund (i.e. business cards with our web address and the direct link to the fund) to their classmates at these events.

Even though we have reached our minimum funding goal, I still think we should collect contributions to the fund since it increases the impact of the award (possibly creating two awards). I also think it is important to continue spreading the word about the existence of the fund because a lot of alumni have been pleased to hear an award was established in John’s honor.

Lastly, in the next few months, I will work to contact the internal medicine office to facilitate the final details about the award and to provide a physical plaque of some kind to the office to give to the recipient of the award. If you have any input or suggestions, please send them my way.

One again, if you’d like to share a memory, photo, or video of John please pass it along to me to share with the group.

It has been a great experience to work with all of you generous people to create such a meaningful legacy for our mentor and our teacher. Ohio State is a great community and it is because of great people like you. Thank you again for your generosity!

And just in case you’d like to make a contribution, here is a link:


Meredith Broderick
Minimum funding level achieved!

Great news and progress this month.  The OSU/Wexner Center development office notified me we have passed the minimum $50,000 needed to fund an endowment.  We are currently waiting for an update on the total amount we have reached with a list of donors since April.  

We will continue to mail letters to donors asking permission to list their names on the website.  If you contributed and would like to be listed, please send a message using the contact form.

We will continue to raise funds since the distribution from the fund increases as we add more to the principal balance, which in turn, increases the impact of the award.  If we raise significantly more than $50,000 we can potentially discuss creating more than one award.  If we raise more than one million dollars by 2022 we can apply for an endowed professorship.  If you would like more information about our fund, please send a message in the contact form.

In August, our fund will go before the board of trustees for approval and assuming it is approved, we will take steps to implement the award at the internal medicine graduation ceremony in 2019.  

Sadly, I won't be able to travel to Ohio for my 15 year reunion this fall so I am looking for people who will be attending to pass along stickers and cards to let other alumni know about the fund.  If you are willing to distribute information to your Buckeye network, please send a message in the contact form and we will mail you some materials with our website and stickers.  

If you are following along and haven't contributed yet, please consider signing up to contribute.  Any amount helps and is appreciated.

I know John would be exceptionally pleased this was accomplished through the collective effort of so many of his students.  


Meredith Broderick


Meredith Broderick