John McNaugher Stang Memorial Fund

This project began on November 14, 2017 when Alan Sanderson ('08) published "Memories of a Mentor" on his blog.  After reading his post, a group of alumni collaborated to create a lasting legacy for their mentor through an online outreach of pledges totaling $78,000.  This founding group of alumni worked with the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State to create an "endowment in progress" to finalize pledges and to create an annual award to recognize an outstanding Internal Medicine resident with merits in the spirit of the Stang Legacy.  The goal of the project is to raise a minimum of $50,000 to create this annual award which will sustain itself in perpetuity.  If more than $75,000 is raised, the group will create analogous awards in additional departments to be prioritized by the size of the residency class.  

We need your help to spread the word.  

Please share your memories and photos.  

This page will be updated as we make progress.  


Meredith Broderick


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