Happy Holidays!

I have the finalized paperwork from the board of trustees showing the Stang Legacy endowment is official. We have not had much activity in the way of contributions in October or November. I must admit I have been busy with my MOC exam and learning how to care for my newborn daughter. How did you people do this during medical school and residency?

If any of you are looking to make contributions before the end of the year, now is your chance! Please note that you can set up a small monthly contribution (ie. $10/month) if that works better for you.

Here is the direct link:


If you already made a contribution, please spread the word to your classmates and social media contacts.

We will continue to accept contributions because our award will increase based on the principal balance (4.5%). After a certain threshold we may be able to create two awards (pending follow up discussion with the department of internal medicine).

These funds are collected and maintained by The Ohio State University even though this website is privately organized.

I’ll be reaching out to the Department of Internal Medicine in the new year to finalize the details and anticipate they will award the grant at this year’s graduation.

Please use the contact form for any questions, to submit a blog post, share a memory, or to request a Stang Legacy sticker.


Meredith Broderick


Meredith Broderick