An Update

Contributions have been trickling in from those who pledged during the  brainstorming phase and we are making good progress towards our goal of raising the $50,000 required to begin this endowment in honor of our mentor Dr. John Stang.  However, we still have a way to go so please contribute!

The award will be announced at the internal medicine graduation ceremony this spring/summer and our goal is to raise the $50,000 by next year so that we can award the grant in 2019.  

I will be receiving an update from the development office as to our progress.  In the meantime, please consider contributing.  Even if you can only spare $5, that makes a difference and is an important gesture of support.  

Use the contact form to give me permission to list you as a contributor on the webpage and if you'd like a Stang Legacy sticker shoot me your snail mail address.  

If you've already contributed, please continue spreading the word to your classmates.  

Last but not least, Go Buckeyes!


Meredith Broderick


Meredith Broderick