Minimum funding level achieved!

Great news and progress this month.  The OSU/Wexner Center development office notified me we have passed the minimum $50,000 needed to fund an endowment.  We are currently waiting for an update on the total amount we have reached with a list of donors since April.  

We will continue to mail letters to donors asking permission to list their names on the website.  If you contributed and would like to be listed, please send a message using the contact form.

We will continue to raise funds since the distribution from the fund increases as we add more to the principal balance, which in turn, increases the impact of the award.  If we raise significantly more than $50,000 we can potentially discuss creating more than one award.  If we raise more than one million dollars by 2022 we can apply for an endowed professorship.  If you would like more information about our fund, please send a message in the contact form.

In August, our fund will go before the board of trustees for approval and assuming it is approved, we will take steps to implement the award at the internal medicine graduation ceremony in 2019.  

Sadly, I won't be able to travel to Ohio for my 15 year reunion this fall so I am looking for people who will be attending to pass along stickers and cards to let other alumni know about the fund.  If you are willing to distribute information to your Buckeye network, please send a message in the contact form and we will mail you some materials with our website and stickers.  

If you are following along and haven't contributed yet, please consider signing up to contribute.  Any amount helps and is appreciated.

I know John would be exceptionally pleased this was accomplished through the collective effort of so many of his students.  


Meredith Broderick


Meredith Broderick