Selection Process

The first Dr. John M Stang Senior Internal Medicine Teaching Award will be awarded June 1, 2019.

The founders of the award suggested the recipient be selected by the internal medicine residency program director. The program director can utilize a process that he/she considers the most fair and effective in identifying the most worthy recipient(s).

Eligible candidates are residents in the final year of residency training in the internal medicine categorical training programs (traditional track, primary care track, physician scientist training program), the combined internal medicine/pediatrics program and the emergency medicine/internal medicine combined program.

Nominations are solicited through an email announcement to current residents in the above programs, internal medicine fellows, and internal medicine faculty members. Nominators are limited to one nomination per award, and asked to provide a short explanation of their support.

The program director will consider input from nominators and supportive evaluation information in designating a pool of finalists for the award. Finalists will be encouraged to submit their CV or other lists of teaching contributions, experience and achievements.

Internal medicine associate program directors will join the program director in selecting the award recipient(s). This selection committee will be asked to review relevant reports of 1) medical student teaching/evaluation 2) resident peer evaluation 3) documented teaching and educator activities/experiences 4) nominator comments.

Selection will be guided by criteria proposed by the award founders: “…a like‐minded physician, one who strongly values humanism in medicine, teaching, diversity, community service, and medical humanities”.

All committee members will have one vote per award (2 votes if issuing 2 awards), with the vote of the program director breaking any ties.

Meredith Broderick